The architect is the coordinator of all disciplines (e.g., Business/Mission, Technology, and Data) .  The architect prepares, plans, and develops specifications.


The engineer is responsible for the application of specific sciences within a certain area of expertise.  The engineer designs the specification of systems.

Our Services.

Aligning Technology with the Mission

Systems Architecture / Management Consulting

Oakleaf Tech staff provides systems architecture and management consulting services focused on consulting with business leaders to align information technology with evolving business requirements, business strategy, and rapid changes in technology to achieve improvements in organizations' operations. 

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Data Architecture

  • Technology Research and Assessment

  • SETA / Acquisition Support

  • Information Technology (IT) Planning

  • IT Strategy

  • IT Governance

  • IT Cost Analysis

Systems Engineering

Oakleaf Tech staff provides systems engineering services focused on developing systems that meet mission requirements on time and within budget constraints.

  • Requirements Development

  • Enterprise Data Integration using semantic technologies and ontology development

  • Enterprise Data Modeling

  • End-to-end data flow

  • Technology Forecasting

  • Software/ System Engineering Design Services

  • Viable solutions for legacy system migration

  • Quality assurance/ control processes and review

  • Use Cases

  • Object Oriented Design and Analysis

  • Business Processes Analysis

  • Development

  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Transition